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If you want to experience more game content in New World, yo

PříspěvekNapsal: pon bře 07, 2022 11:38 pm
od Jamesdarin
New World is a very special MMORPG that differs from other MMOs in that the "historical" aspect of New World gives its Age of Exploration premise a unique flair unseen in other MMOs.

There is no class choice in this game, but players can choose one of three factions (Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant) to join. And your own development is directly related to the faction. When the faction is strong, players can get more rewards, so that their development in the game will be faster. Overall, players can have a different gaming experience in this MMO.

In New World, players can craft items, use node resources, control settlements, explore the world, or fight other players and monsters. Therefore, players not only need to face the invasion from the outside world, but also face the internal struggle. Players often encounter situations where they are attacked from both sides. Therefore, only by making yourself stronger can you better deal with these problems.

In this game, New World Coins is the main currency of New World, players can use it to trade and buy various items they need. The most common ways to get New World Coins in-game are to complete quests, kill monsters, or sell unwanted items, etc. Although this method is time-consuming, it allows you to learn more about the content of the game, which is a very good method for novice players.

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